Vacuum Device

Content written by Irwin Goldstein MD

The Eros Clitoral Stimulator® is a sexual device produced by Urometrics that is FDA approved for the treatment of female sexual dysfunction. It is available by prescription only and has been used for patients who have had pelvic cancers, such as cervical, rectal and vaginal cancers. This device is has been studied in small population of cervical cancer patients. It is a hand held device that has a small suction cup at its tip. This tip seals around the clitoral area, creates a vacuum and facilitates blood draw into the genital region. A vacuum suction action of the device creates a negative pressure and is presumed to help develop enhance circulation patterns and facilitate vasocongestion in the tissue. Preliminary medical data showed promising results that this device might be helpful in combating arousal difficulties after radiation in the pelvis especially with cervical cancer patients. In other populations like those who have diabetes, or other neuropathies this device may also be helpful. The EROS is prescription and FDA approved but is not always covered by insurance carriers. Because it is costly, insurance should be checked before the product is ordered.