The SDSM Preceptorship Experience

San Diego Sexual Medicine is pleased to offer preceptorships with the opportunity to shadow and work along side our world-renowned doctors and clinicians including Irwin Goldstein, MD, Alyssa Yee MD, Shalaine Corbilla DNP-C, Catherine Gagnon, FNP-BC and Julea Minton, NP-C. This experience may include office interviews, exam room testing and possibly surgical intervention. In between patients you will be offerered mini-lectures by Dr. Goldstein to provide you with information through deidentified patient scenarios and photographs to further your learning experience.  You will also be able to speak with our sex therapist, Rose Hartzell. PhD, EdS, CHES, LMFT, however you will not be able to sit in on her sesssions with patients.

We see men with low sexual desire, erectile dysfunction, orgasmic disorders, ejaculatory disorders, penile pain, penile curvature, hypogonadism and PGAD. We see women with low sexual desire, arousal disorders, orgasmic disorders, sexual pain, hormone management and PGAD. Our patients have an opportunity to work with a physician and/or nurse practitioner, a sex therapist and a physical therapist if warranted, so you will be able to see how a multi-disciplinary practice functions.

For those interested, your preceptorship may include discussions with our business manager about coding, fees or equipment and our program coordinator about educational programs, marketing your sexual medicine practice and clinical research. In addition, we look forward to maintaining a relationship with you to discuss any concerns or issues that may arise in the future regarding patient diagnosis and/or management.

If you are interested in learning more about our preceptorships, the cost, and scheduling, please contact Sue Goldstthose new to the field, we recommend a course in FSD before your preceptorship to maximize your learning, offered by ISSWSH, NPWH or AUA.
Intensive, 1 on 1 training

Preceptorship Details

San Diego Sexual Medicine preceptorships are available from one day to four weeks. We recommend your completion of a course in treating either men’s or women’s sexual health (AUA or ISSWSH are good resources) before coming for a preceptorship if you have not had experience in this area. Your stay can be anywhere from one day to four weeks, but recommend your attending for at least several days to maximize learning and understand the subtleties involved in diagnosing men and women with sexual health concerns.

We allow a maximum of two providers from the same practice per day, and one practice per day. Special pricing is available for preceptorships lasting longer than one week – contact Sue Goldstein for special pricing

SDSM Preceptorship Fee Schedule

First provider per day
Second provider (same practice) per day
$ 750

Materials Provided for Preceptorships

  • Letter of Attendance
  • Certificate
  • Botox
  • Brachial Artery
  • Circumcision
  • Clitoral Vacuum Therapy
  • Crural Plication
  • DIC
  • Dorsal Slit
  • Duplex Doppler-F
  • Duplex Doppler-M
  • Excision Frenular Mass
  • Frenuloplasty
  • IM Testosterone
  • Intralesional Interferon
  • Intralesional Verapamil
  • Marsupialization
  • Modified Nesbit Plus
  • Nerve Block Vulvodynia
  • Observation
  • OIIT
  • Penile Implant
  • Penile Revascularization
  • Perineometry
  • Perineoplasty
  • Photography
Discharge Instructions
  • Discharge Implant
  • Discharge Revasc Surgery
Instructional Materials
Meds-Order Forms
  • Medications-F
  • Medications-M
  • Carry Meds
  • Controlled Substances
New Patient Materials
  • New Patient Forms-F
  • New Patient Forms-M
  • FSFI
  • IIEQ
  • McGill Pain
  • PHQ2
  • PHQ-9
  • Order Form
  • PEP Consent
  • PEP Dosing
  • PEP Instruction
Questionnaire Scoring
  • FSFI Scoring
  • IIEF Scoring
  • McGill Pain Scoring
  • PFQ2 Scoring
  • PHQ-9 Scoring
  • PSS Scoring
  • Brachial
  • DIC
  • Doppler-Men
  • Doppler-Women
  • PE Kit Follow-up Phone Call
  • Penile Implant Follow-up Phone Call
  • Physical Exam-F
a one of a kind educational opportunity
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