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Before becoming a patient you have the option of scheduling a 10-minute courtesy call with either Dr. Goldstein or Dr. Yee or one of our other expert providers at no charge. They will talk with you about your sexual health problems, your management goals, previous evaluations, and the types of examination and testing that would be performed should you make an appointment at San Diego Sexual Medicine. This information will become a permanent part of your health record at San Diego Sexual Medicine. Before the courtesy call, you may want to write a brief summary of your sexual medicine history in order to be concise on your phone call.  Our support staff can help you understand some of the tests you may be undergoing so that you can judge the amount of time you should expect to spend at San Diego Sexual Medicine. A new patient visit can easily take 2-4 hours. Questions concerning fees may be addressed to our support staff. Our goal is to help you get better....
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