Patient Testimonials

Dr. G is an outstanding doctor and researcher. He is brilliant, compassionate, always available 24/7 and never gives up trying to find solutions to difficult problems. Extremely knowledgeable and up to date on the latest scientific medical research. He and his wonderful staff are highly professional. I couldn't recommend them more to anyone seeking medical treatment.

Dr Goldstein has been nothing short of a miracle worker for my wife and I. We are in our sixties and have a sex life of a 20 year old couple. Prior to seeing Dr Goldstein I had ED issues and my wife was not very interested in sex. ED issues fixed and my wife interest in sex has come back stronger than ever. Thank you Dr Goldstein for all you do.

The very best. I had severe PEYRONIE'S. I could not gave sex!!!! I gave up hope...dr Goldstein's assured me he had a treatment that would help Completely cured!!! Normal now!!! Changed my life.

Several years ago I had a series of shockwave treatments to deal with erectile dysfunction, which I had been experiencing for a while.  The shockwave therapy was applied to my flaccid pelvis.  Unfortunately, the treatments were not effective at all.  In fact, my ED continued to get worse to the point where I could only get medically induced erections.  Dr. Goldstein informed me of a new protocol for shockwave therapy where it is applied to an erect penis, thereby increasing its effectiveness.  I tried the new protocol and the results have been dramatically better.  After the first treatment I was able to get an erection with manual stimulation.  After the second treatment I noticed that I was waking up at times with an erection.  After the third treatment I achieved an erection from being mentally excited, with no direct physical stimulation.  That had not happened in years.  I am looking forward to completing the six rounds of shockwave therapy and am confident my sex life will return very close to normal.

Hi Dr Goldstein: Let me begin by telling you how great it is working with you and your staff.  You have assembled a great team of people at SDSM and I sincerely appreciate how professional, caring and helpful everyone is.  The results of the shockwave treatments greatly exceeded my expectations.  During the treatments I did not experience any pain or discomfort and have not experienced any negative side effects.  More to the point, I feel that the treatments have greatly improved my sexual function.  For example, since receiving the treatments I have been able to significantly reduce my dosage of tri-mix and I now even occasionally experience an erection without the need of any medication at all.  Amazing!   It is hard to express how much I appreciate the care you and your team have provided me.  I would not hesitate to recommend shockwave treatment to anyone interested in trying it.  Thanks again to you and the team at SDSM for improving the quality of my life.

Kindest most informed urologist I EVER visited. Confirmed my damage and referred me to his sex therapist who worked wonders with my situation..I cannot say enough good things about this man...he was WONDERFUL

The very best Urologist I have ever been to. Top Notch in EVERY way!!! He knows his Medical knowledge like none other. An ABSOLUTELY FANTASTIC Doctor.

After seeing many doctors for vulvar pain, one of them recommended Dr. Irwin Goldstein of San Diego Sexual Medicine. After a short physical exam, he diagnosed my condition quickly. He is a well-educated, compassionate Doctor, as is his staff. I highly recommend him to any who have been to countless doctors and with no set diagnosis made. He is one of the best in this field.

One day at work while reviewing a medical malpractice case, the treating physician diagnosed this elderly woman with vaginal atrophy (among other things). Well, I could not get that dx off my mind. I am very familiar with anatomy and chemistry. Obviously I know that our bodies change. But after I thoroughly researched what vaginal atrophy is, I had what I would describe as no less than a crazy severe panic attack. I did not want this to ever happen to my body. I have always been extremely sexual; kind of a high oxytocin woman. So I panicked. Fearing the loss of my body parts/vulva and sex life (I can be a bit dramatic) I called Dr. Goldstein. At my appointment, I did not tell him of my vaginal atrophy nightmares, it was too difficult for me to discuss. However I did have another reason for my visit which again was difficult for me to discuss; a decline in my libido. I was extremely nervous at my first appointment (labs already done). I did not know what to expect. Dr. Goldstein brought me to his office, we talked for awhile, he asked all the appropriate questions, we reviewed my labs, we discussed treatment plans, and meds. Then I had an examination which tested among other things my sensitivity. Throughout the exam, he talked me through everything and without my having to ask, he talked about the very thing that I wanted him to talk about but was too afraid to ask. Specifically what happens to our anatomy as we get older if we do not incorporate bio-identical hormones in our life. Mind you I am in my 40's and not menopausal. After the exam we came up with a customized plan. Being very busy, the follow up was I believe by telephone with a visit shortly thereafter. That was about 10 years ago and I still value him as my doctor. Over the last 10 years, he continues to care for me as if I was his only patient. He has always been available by email or phone and quickly responds. Most importantly, he listens, he is intuitive, and knows how to communicate with me. I just had a visit with him and again, he is generous with his time, gives me samples and tailors my treatment that meets my lifestyle. My sex life has greatly improved since I have been his patient. As a medical malpractice attorney, defending physicians both here in Ca and NYC, I can tell you that one of the biggest complaints patients have about doctors is that they feel like a number instead of a person, feel ignored, get upset because phone calls are not returned and feel like their doctors do not listen to them. Dr. Goldstein's philosophy surpasses the standard. He educates his staff and they all work together. Dr. Goldstein has this elan way of practicing, which I sincerely appreciate and relate to. He is the best. My life has changed for the better.

I have been going to Dr. Goldstein for more than a year to help me with my low testosterone and ED problems. He has greatly increased the quality of my life and I have sent friends of mine to him for help and they also have been extremely satisfied. He and his staff are timely in there service and make me feel special and have satisfied all my needs. I recommend him and his firm highly and know you'll be happy with the results of your experience with Dr. Goldstein

My first encounter with Dr Goldstein was in 2011, just about 1 week after the beginning of the clinical trials for Xiaflex. I was impressed by the fact that Dr G spent nearly 15 minutes on the phone with me explaining every aspect of the trials they were performing on Xiaflex without ever having met me yet. I realized he had a wonderful personality when he asked me in a joking manner "don't you wish you had been here (in San Diego) last week instead of in Casa Grande for the airplane fly-in?" Suffice it to say I had to wait nearly 3 years until the clinical trials were completed and the FDA reviewed the studies Dr G and his staff were performing. I have visited with Dr. G and his wonderful staff on 5 different occasions to have interferon and later the Xiaflex injections and my wife agrees with me that our experience with them for the treatment I have received has improved our sex lives by a factor of ten plus. When I was referred to Dr. Goldstein by my previous urologist I was hesitant to go due to the distance from Mesa to San Diego. But I would not hesitate recommending Dr G to anyone who may be needing a urologist for any kind of urological condition, not just whatever sexual problem they may want to address. I do not hesitate recommending Dr G to anyone and everyone, no matter where they may live. It is well worth traveling to San Diego Sexual Medicine to be treated by the best.

Several months after a hysterectomy I started having vaginal irritations. After several local DR's ruled out usual causes, two others misdiagnosed my condition, and yet others were just puzzled. Through the National Vulva Assoc. I learned about Dr. Goldstein. He did a phone consultation, ordered a series of blood tests and then I went to San Diego to see him. Based on the blood tests and my medical history, he diagnosed my low levels of several hormones and put me on a different combination and dosage of medications. Very quickly, I felt better than I had in months. A few mths later we followed up with blood tests to determine if the dosage of medications is enabling my body to maintain levels of the hormones in targets ranges. Dr. Goldstein is thorough and fully analyzes the data before making a diagnosis. He follows up to make sure that the patient continues to do well, and adjusts treatment as necessary. He takes the time to send a summary to the patient after each consultation. I am grateful I found Dr. Goldstein.

The staff 's professionalism and consideration from the front desk to each assistant and association was far above standard. I have had a great deal of experiences with doctors offices due to multiple health issues. This is the best run practice I have ever seen. Dr . Goldstein is responsible for this and deserves credit. Dr. Goldstein takes a tremendous amount of time and patiently explains all aspects of your condition and all options. He makes sure you understand everything that is going on with your body. Then he explains treatment options. I find he and his staff to be current in their field and making every effort to be on top of any and all advances in regard to my condition. I traveled from the East coast just to get the chance to benefit from his knowledge and experience. That in itself is tremendous. You add in a doctor and staff that are upbeat and positive and patient and that makes for a very rewarding experience. It was worth the expense of travel in terms of money and time away from work and family. The follow up care is excellent.

Absolutely wonderful! I've been to so many doctors with my condition and all of them have given me things that don't work or just say that I have to get used to the pain because there is nothing they can do. But then I went to doctor Goldstein, and him and his staff said that the pain was not normal and they have been working with me to get me pain free. I have had vestibulectomy surgery and the pain that was once there is no gone to the touch! I am currently going to PHysical therapy at the same office with Debbie, who is also great. I am so glad I found this doctor. His staff is so friendly and makes what could be an uncomfortable condition to talk about, very normal and I don't feel self conscious. I can't imagine a more caring doctor. Dr. Goldstein called me everyday after my surgery for a week to check in and answer questions and make sure I was healing properly. My family was amazed at such an involved and kind doctor who follows up so much. I would highly highly recommend this doctor! You are in good hands if you have him!

I developed a constellation of health problems, including sexual dysfunction and memory loss. After doing some initial research, I started to realize that I may have been a victim of finasteride/dutasteride. I remember crying on the phone when I realized that I had PFS and Dr. Goldstein gave me hope. This was after no other doctor could diagnose what was going on with me. I traveled to San Diego and am starting treatment now to correct the damage that the finasteride and dutasteride did to my body. I'm hopeful! Dr. Goldstein and his staff spent 4 hours with me in total on my first visit and this included an informational lecture on what PFS was. I was able to ask questions and Dr. Goldstein asked me questions to make sure that I understood the material. I feel hopeful and much more informed about this condition. I highly recommend this doctor even if it means traveling to go see him. (He will also do phone consultations.) He will also follow-up quickly with his doctors' notes and makes himself available to answer questions.

I am a 71 year old vet. Dr . Goldstein has treated me for years @ the San Diego VA hospital for low libido & ED. The results have been outstanding. My wife is also a patient in Dr Goldstein's private practice where she is being treated for post menopausal problems. Her treatment included psychological as well as medical issues & has been nothing short of phenomenal ! As another urologist once commented" Dr. Goldstein has more urological knowledge in his little finger than most of us have in our entire bodies"

When I was 48 years old(14 years ago), I had an ovary removed and within 6 months I lost all interest in sex. Apparently that one ovary had been producing all my sex hormones. I spoke to my internist and my gynecologist about my situation but neither of them knew of anything to help me return to my preoperation level of interest. I read all the literature and knew it was not normal for me to have this lack of interest and I did not want to go on for the rest of my life without any interest. One night, while watching the 11 PM news, a medical segment came on and Dr. Goldstein was talking about the Boston University School of Sexual Medicine and how his team was dedicated to helping women with just my problem. The next day I made an appointment and I have been seeing him ever since, first in Boston and now in San Diego. It was determined that I had not testosterone any more and I needed to have my progesterone and estrogen levels in check as well. I had also developed Hypothyroidism which had gone undetected by other doctors. Within a few short months it was like a light switch had been turned back on and not only did my sex drive return but my skin tone improved, my sleep pattern returned to normal and my word finding difficulties diminished. Dr. Goldstein always makes me feel comfortable during an appointment and I always return home from a visit with new information about how to improve my sex life and about the latest research in sexual medicine. I have also turned on numerous men and woment to him and his colleagues who are grateful for his help when they too have been unable to find doctors who understand human sexuality. I am grateful that I found him and I tell all the women I meet of my experience because I know that many women, especially after menopause, suffer in silence.

I have been a patient of Dr. Goldstein's for a little over 5 years and I am here to say that had it not been for him my quality of life would not be what it is today. He and his staff have shown exemplary professionalism and care throughout every visit to San Diego, not to mention the revascularization surgery itself was 100% successful. I have no negative feedback for SDSM, because there simply just isn't any to report. Dr. G is not just a doctor, he has been a miracle worker for me, not to mention, he is one of the few doctors you will meet who follows up long after success, to ensure that you are happy with your overall result and to make sure that nothing was missed. I know that I will always be able to count on him, as he and his caring staff have always shown just how dedicated they are not just to me, but to the well being of their patients in general. I know this because I have spoken to many on the phone and via email and Skype. Thanks Dr. G and SDSM....without you, I would have been lost.

When I arrived at Dr. Goldstein’€™s office a year and a half ago, I could not sit comfortably, and had lost my ability to drive due to excruciating pain. I was suffering from an acute case of Vestibulodynia. Dr. Goldstein is one of the known experts in this field. I had seen 8 physicians prior to this visit. My husband and I flew from Corpus Christi, Texas to consult with him because we were running out of hope. Dr. Goldstein's office exemplifies the spirit of the book he co-authored entitled €œWhen Sex Hurts€. He and his staff provided the medical tests needed, he then outlined my plan of treatment, and then provided the most magnificent follow-up and support system I have ever experienced in my life. Dr. Goldstein knows well the emotional as well as physical devastation that vestibulodynia can create in a woman'€™s life. I had weekly phone consultations with his nurse, Ms. Gagnon, for probably the first three - four months of my treatment as we had to change or vary certain medications/hormones depending on my progress. Her professionalism and support was crucial to me! I now have a life again €“ driving, sitting normally, exercising, traveling, and out of pain most days. I am still under Dr. Goldstien'€™s care as my treatment required doing everything in baby steps due to my sensitivities. I would rate my healing at about 85% and still going. Most doctors don'€™t have the time, knowledge, and honestly the passion that Dr. Goldstein has to solve these kinds of problems. My next office visit is in four months, and my husband and I will be there.