Heal faster than the speed of sound

Low Intensity Shockwave Therapy

San Diego Sexual Medicine is excited to announce the acquisition of a shockwave device for the experimental treatment of men and women with sexual health problems, including:

Shockwave in Everyday Life

Low Intensity Shockwave Therapy (LiSWT) is considered experimental, but there are extensive data available on both the basic science and clinical improvement using it for multiple purposes.  Do not be fooled by radial wave devices claiming cures as there are no data showing safety and efficacy with these sound wave devices.

There are a limited number of shockwave devices cleared for use on humans in the U.S.  Most are cleared for treatment of plantar fasciitis. The device we are using is FDA cleared for improved blood flow, connective tissue activation, pain amelioration and wound healing.  

Pain-free & Safe Healing

In general, Li-SWT treatment protocols provide 6 treatment sessions over a variable time period, ranging from once per day, to once or several times per week, to once per month, usually delivered by a hand-held electrohydraulic unfocused parabolic reflector probe, offered in an outpatient setting with no analgesia needed.  Shockwave therapy is considered non-significant risk by the FDA.

Patients receiving shockwave therapy lie there while the wand is applied using ultrasound gel. Any discomfort felt during the procedure (depending upon where on the body the shocks are delivered) stops when the device stops.  The treatment may feel like a tapping, or a massage, or nothing at all.  It does not cause bruising or any other residual side effect, although you may not feel positive effects right away. About 60-70% of patients will experience clinical improvement.  

"I cannot BELIEVE the efficacy of this new shockwave treatment after just 3 sessions.  Like, ‘holy shit’.   I’m waking up rock hard every day.  2 sildenafil 20s are totally effective.  Spontaneous erections otherwise.  And most importantly, major reduction in ‘neuropathy-like’ lack of sensitivity and almost numbness.  WOW!"

"Well, we’ve completed our 6 shock wave treatments.  I can tell you there has already been a big difference in my “performance” so I am delighted we began this course of treatment.  I would also like to add the true professionalism of your entire staff, who have been wonderful to this old man."