Offered during covid-19 Restrictions

Phone Consultations

Not ready or not able to come in as a patient but want to learn about your sexual health problem? Schedule a 30 minute zoom consultation with Dr. Goldstein. This visit is not considered a medical appointment, Dr. Goldstein cannot provide a formal diagnosis or prescribe medication, but he can offer education about the sexual health problem you describe, suggest some testing and/or treatments that your local clinician can provide for you, and email supporting materials where appropriate.  We will maintain records of this call in case you decide sometime in the future to become a patient. Please call 619-265-8865 to schedule your consultation.

Virtual Annual Visits

For current patients who need to schedule an annual visit, we continue to offer these visits remotely. Please note that annual visits are conducted by our nurse practitioners. We will continue to care for you and provide prescription renewals based on your telephone annual visit, until such time as the medical authorities require patients to return to San Diego Sexual Medicine in person. Until then patients who are current can complete annual visits virtually in order to have prescriptions renewed, as is Good Medical Practice. Please call 619-265-8865 (or email us at office@sdsm.info if you are outside the US) to schedule your annual visit. Visit or prescription requests texted or emailed directly to Dr. Goldstein will not be honored.

Sex Therapy Virtual Visits

For sex therapy patients, Dr. Hartzell is conducting sessions via Zoom. Schedule your appointment by calling 619-265-8865, then look for an email from Dr. Hartzell prior to your appointment with a Zoom link.  If this is your first appointment, you will be asked to complete a registration page and consent form to be returned to San Diego Sexual Medicine beforehand.
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