Pelvic Trauma

Content written by Irwin Goldstein, MD

Trauma to the pelvis during accidents represents a serious clinical problem in women that may result in associated bladder or urethral injuries, bowel injuries and sexual dysfunction. In women, pelvic fractures may also result in pelvic floor dysfunction. Direct pelvic floor disruption can cause indirect damage to the skeletal muscles of the pelvis, and to nerves and blood vessels within the pelvis. In a study of 24 women with pelvic fractures, sexual dysfunction occurred in 7 of 17 (41%) sexually active women. In another study of 13 women with pelvic fractures, 8 of 13 (38%) had sexual dysfunction. In one study, women who had a pelvic fracture and separation of the pubic bone had a higher chance of having sexual dysfunction. Pelvic fracture appears to be a risk factor for female sexual dysfunction.