Painful Ejaculation

Content written by Irwin Goldstein MD


Orgasm is a neurologic response to sexual stimulation. Sensory input from smell, touch (in Ejaculatory dysfunction is common and can be classified into anejaculation, delayed, retrograde, premature, and painful ejaculation. Among these disorders, painful ejaculation is the only ejaculatory condition where pain is the main complaint. The incidence of painful ejaculation among men age 50 years and older ranges from 1 to 6.7 percent.

Painful ejaculation can have a significant impact on a man’s quality of life, negatively impacting self-esteem and reducing desire for sexual intercourse. Among men who report painful ejaculation, 90 percent considered this condition to be a serious problem

Common presentations of painful ejaculation can include penile pain, perineal ache, or suprapubic discomfort occurring during or after the ejaculatory period. Pain is sometimes experienced in the testicular or glans area of the penis immediately after ejaculation, or may result from perineal muscle spasm. Atypical pain with ejaculation can also occur in the abdomen, urethral meatus, or rectum.


There are multiple causes of painful ejaculation. Painful ejaculation can occur in many instances from ejaculatory duct obstruction. Intense perineal discomfort immediately after ejaculation can occur without evidence of infection or trauma