Scrotum Reduction

Content written by Irwin Goldstein MD

The scrotum is the sack that encompasses the testicles. Enlargement of the scrotum can occur from many causes, such as congenital, ageing with relaxation of the tissues, and fluid accumulation (hydrocoele) or excess veins around the testicles (varicocoele). Massive enlargement can occur from lymph blockage due to various causes.

Scrotum enlargement can cause irritation to the scrotal skin and the upper thigh, especially in tight clothes and with exercise. Other men may dislike the cosmetic appearance of the low-hanging scrotum.

Scrotum reduction is a relatively minor operation in which the excess skin is excised. The procedure should be performed after or in association with correction of any underlying causes. If ideally performed, the scrotum shape and appearance looks normal after surgery. If the patient has a scrotum enlargement from blocked lymphatic vessels, then removal of all the abnormal scrotal skin is performed and replaced with skin grafts covering the testicles.