Comprehensive Therapy Services
Physical Therapists
Cindy Furey started Comprehensive Therapy Services, Inc. (CTS) in 1997 with a vision for a one-stop shop for comprehensive physical and mental well-being for patients. At CTS, therapists strive to deliver the highest quality of multi-disciplinary physical therapy in a comforting and fun environment. Their dedicated team of professionals including Cindy Furey PT, Elizabeth Leeds PT, DPT, Anna Shea, DPT and Elizabeth Delosier, PT, DPT partner with our patients to establish a pathway to healing. CTS accepts most insurance plans.

Through compassion, education and progressive practices, CTS staff help our patients strengthen the body as well as the spirit so they have the power to move forward in their lives beyond their own expectations. As a team, we are responsible for effective communication between ourselves and all parties involved in the healing process, as it is vital to our standard of care and success.

CTS staff are committed to educating each patient in pain management, injury prevention, and healing strategies while instilling the responsibility for recovery within. If you’re looking to maximize restoration of function, improve quality of life, and enhance your general sense of wellbeing, call us today and discover what CTS can do for you. For more information go to